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The Churchill Society

The genius . . . springs from every class
and from every part of the land.
You cannot tell where you will not find a wonder.
The hero, the fighter, the poet,
the master of science, the organiser,
the engineer, the administrator, or the jurist - he may spring into fame.
Equal opportunity for free institution and equal laws.

Winston Churchill.


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Newsletter October 1st 1999.


The following copies of correspondence are paged for the attention of the Society's members.




16 September 1999

James Stevens Esq
Head of Music Department
The Churchill Society
104 Devonshire Road
Mill Hill


(Handwritten) Dear Mr Stevens

Thank you for your letter of 24 August concerning your plans to mount a Millennium Concert in the name of Sir Winston Churchill.

However, I much regret that Trustees, over the entire period of the Trust's existence, have steadfastly concentrated the Trust's resources solely on the purpose for which the money was subscribed by the British public in 1965:* the Travelling Fellowship scheme.

That position has been reconfirmed recently by Trustees and I have made that clear to your Chairman and others involved with the Churchill Society on a number of occasions in the past.

I am so sorry that the Trust is unable to offer any support in this matter.

Yours sincerely


Director General

Editor's comment. * The original trust deed can be inspected where you will observe clause 3 (ii) specifically states as follows:-
. . . . . . .in or towards the cost of the erection protection and maintenance of a memorial to Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill in a place to which the public have access . . . etc etc. ie, the basis of the Constitution of The Churchill Society London.


The Chairman of the society's Steering Committee, Mrs Pamela Timms - at the request of the Society's Steering Committee - replied to The Director General and Councillors and Trustees of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust:-


    The Chairman
    Mrs Pamela Timms.

      27th September 1999


The Director General,
The Trustees and Councillors
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
15 Queen's Gate Terrace,

Ladies and Gentlemen

Mr James Stevens, composer and Head of the Music Department of this Society has passed to the Committee the reply sent by Sir Henry Beverley in response to his request for a meeting.

The Trustees appear to be under a misapprehension. The Society is not making - and has never made - a request for financial support.

The purpose of the proposed meeting would be to seek the Trust's moral support in a joint approach to UK Industry and Commerce for sponsorship to produce a serious and dignified artistic/cultural event to mark the achievements of Sir Winston's and his comrades - in - arms.

The committee are disappointed to receive a further refusal to meet representatives from this society and are reluctant to accept this decision. They point out that as the Trust is owned by the public they have a duty in this matter and note that this decision does not appear to have been discussed by the councillors of the Trust.

The committee have therefore asked me to request a definite date and time for a delegation to visit and meet, not only with the Trustees but also with the Councillors of the WCMT. I should be obliged if you would suggest a suitable date for such a meeting.

It is time to redress previous misunderstandings and to mark the new century by co-operation and mutual support. This we feel would reflect the true spirit of Sir Winston, who demonstrated such understanding of his countrymen and was possessed of such forward-looking vision.

Yours truly

Pamela Timms (Mrs)


Sir Henry Beverley's reply from:-

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
15 Queens Gate Terrace
SW7 5PR.

6th October 1999

(Hand written) Dear Mrs Timms,

Thank you for your letter dated 29 September. The points you have raised are under consideration.

Yours sincerely

Henry Beverley

Director General

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________




19 November 1999

Mrs Pamela Timms
The Churchill Society
c/o 18 Grove Lane
Ipswich Suffolk


Dear Mrs Timms (handwritten)

Your letter of 29 September 1999 in which you seek support for a cultural event to mark the achievements of Sir Winston Churchill, and for a meeting to consider the same, has been considered by the Trustees. They confirm that the resources of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - financial, moral and practical - will continue to be devoted solely to the Travelling Fellowship scheme.

Thus, I regret to inform you that, in their discretion, Trustees do not wish any involvement with the activities of the Churchill Society. I should emphasise that Trustees are under no obligation to support any proposal that they receive from any organisation whether for financial assistance or co-operation in a wider sense; nor are they, nor the Council, duty bound to meet with your representatives.

You will appreciate that this letter is consistent with the tenor of many communications that have been exchanged with the Churchill Society in recent years. Trustees' views are unambiguous: they see no useful purpose as being served by prolonging the correspondence.

Yours sincerely

Director General


The Chairman's letter of the 27th September 1999 was addressed to the Trustees and Councillors of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

It appears from Sir Henry Beverley's reply that the Councillors were not consulted.

The Chairman's statement that the Society sought constructive co-operation from the Trust - not financial support - has been blatantly ignored, and the Trust appears to be arrogantly proprietorial in implying that they - and only they - have the right to honour the memory of one of the greatest Englishmen of this Millennium.

One has to question what the Trustees fear from the offer of co-operation. This is not, after all, a competitive issue. Sir Winston's place in history is assured.

The aim of The Churchill Society is to show Sir Winston's and humanity creativity as beacons of inspiration for this and future generations in all walks of life.

This aim will never be deflected.


Comments by members (or the public) can be sent to

The Secretary

They must have a verifiable postal and telephonic address.



Ages In 1999.

Lady Soames. DBE. Chairman


Duke of Abercorn KG.


Mr lan Beer CBE JP.


Sir Timathy Bevan.


Lord Carrington. KG


Winston S Churchill.


Mr Mark Cornwall-Jones.

Mr J R Hendersan. CVO OBE.


Maj. Gen H A Lascelles. DSO.


Mr Anthony Montague Browne. DFC


Sir John Riddell CVO.


Jeremy Soames.

Sir Anthony Tuke.


Caspar W Weinberger. GBE.


Viscount Younger of Leckie.KCVO


Not consulted were the members of

The Council:

Mr lan Beer. CBE JP. (Chairman).
Professor Sir Eric A Ash. CBE FRS FEnS.
Sir Roger Bannister. CBE DM(Oxon) FRCP.
Mrs Anne Boyd. JP.
Lady Boyd.
Professor Brian Clarke.
The Earl ot Dalkeith.
Mr Nick Danziger.
Sir Terence English. KBE FRCS.
The Batoness Flather of Windsor and Maidenhead.
Sir Peter Harding. GCB DSc FRAeS
Mr William Jardan. CBE.
Mr PaulH McWilliams. OBE.
The Duke of Marlbarough. JP
The Baroness Masham of Ilton.
Professor Roger Moffe. DIC PhD CMel.
The Lord Norrie.
Professor Sir Ronald Oxburgh. KBE FRS. The Countess Peel.
Mrs Susan Pegler.
Mr Mark Robinson.
Mr Leopald de Rathschild. CBE.
Mr Edward Rowlands. MP. FCIB.
The Hon Jeremy Soames


The Times Newspaper


September 7th 1998


Mr Mark Thomas has accepted a position advising Chancellor Gorden Brown about reforming the tax system to ensure tha rich people cannot cheat.

Mr Thomas was invited after his television programme revealed that Nicholas Soames (Churchill's grandson and Conservative MP and former Minister) avoided paying inheritance tax on family heirlooms he had been left, by listing them as available to public inspection when they were not.



Mary Soames, Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill minor.

Comments by members (or the public) can be sent to

The Secretary

They must have a verifiable postal and telephonic address.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Chronology.

1971. The BBC telephones the composer the day after receiving the orchestral score enthusiastically accepting for broadcasting the first movement of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC, 'Cradledays'. It had been submitted under a different name to test their reaction to the music. A scandalous BBC rehearsal took place in Belfast under Havelock Nelson. The composer challenges Gareth Walters (who selected the work) to explain why.

1973. Composer visits General Alan Lascelles at the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust offices to inform him of the nature of the work.

1974. (May) after nine years work THE CHURCHILL MUSIC was completed and presented by the composer to Lady Churchill - with the copyright as a gift to The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - to commemorate Churchill's Centenary at a concert performance of Remembrance in St Paul's Cathedral that year. An identical leather and gilt bound copy of the work was presented to Churchill College Cambridge - the latter was never acknowledged.

1974. May. The Churchill family promote "The Collected Works"

1974. Churchill's Centenary. Saturday 30th November passes without any national commemoration and nothing on any news bulletin other than a three second ITV TV shot of Lady Churchill forlornly looking at her husband's plaque under the Dome of St Paul's Cathedral. The BBC made no reference to the date.

1976. Febraury. General Alan Lascelles, Director General of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust writes to the composer asking him to take the score away "as it is taking up space and as they have had floods and he cannot guarantee its safety". The composer ignores the letter.

1977. (12th December). Lady Churchill dies. Every member of her family and all her relatives knew of the existence of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC but she died without hearing a note of it.

1983. Conservative Party sleaze adds to the continuing collapse of moral standards in the UK and leads to the uproar caused by the the story of the Churchill family threatening to sell Sir Winston and Lady Churchill's gift to Churchill College of The Chartwell Papers.

The composer upon learning of the forthcoming West End Musical production entitled "WINNIE' sends a copy of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC to the actor Robert Hardy and pleads with him not to get involved. He receives no reply. (The score was returned two years later with no covering letter).


The vulgar West End 'musical' promoted by Churchill's children with 

the help of  friends and relatives.In 1988 The Churchill and Marlborough families with their relatives and friends promote a tawdry West End Musical with 'Winnie' singing in his bath! After three performances it was taken off. It was reputed to have lost 3 million pounds and was described by a Buckingham Palace courtier as  "just done for money, money, money . . . . vulgar vulgar vulgar"!

1989. The famous Enoch Powell Burford Bridge Speech. which led to the formation of THE CHURCHILL SOCIETY London.

1990. May 8th. The formation of THE CHURCHILL SOCIETY London.

1993. Composer takes back the orchestral scores from both The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and Churchill College Cambridge and gives Lady Churchill's presentation leather and gilt bound edition (complete with the copyright) to it. He sends the Churchill College edition to Prague where it is immediately recognised and a first performance arranged.

1995. VE Day May 8th. First performance of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC is given in Prague Cathedral by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra with Radio Prague and Czeske TV. News of the event is not reported in the UK.

1996. The Churchill Society's 120 page illustrated educational web site entitled SCHOOLS AND YOUNG PEOPLE "WHO WAS CHURCHILL?" completed and launched on Churchill's birthday November 30th. (it has over 1200 visitors per day during school terms).

1996. October. A second European broadcast performance of the work. The Churchill family, The BBC, Classic FM, The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Churchill College Cambridge and all national newspapers ignore the news of the performances. (By the year 1999 there had been three European broadcasts of The Churchill Music with excerpts performed in the USA and Canada. The BBC and Classic FM received CDs of the work but both refused to reply to letters about it. In the case of the BBC it was obvious that the work had been - like so many others - blacklisted by the tiny clique in control of music within Radio 3. Classic FM refuses to reply to any letters. (The situation remains the same to this day - March 2000).

1996. Rutherlyn gives The Churchill Society's Christmas Lecture The Battle for REAL music.

1997. Winston S Churchill Jnr.

1997. Professor Charmley writes: Is there no end to the making of money by the family out of Sir Winston?

1997. The Times Newspaper. Cashing in on Churchill.

1997. Letter to the Press from Lord Rothschild.

1997. Demand made for the The Reform of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

1998. A REBUKE.

1998. The Churchill family to pay back The Lottery Money.

1999. An investigation into the purchase by the National Lottery of The Chartwell Papers

1999. Churchill's Private Letters.

1999. Notice for American readers.

2000. Sunday Times 13th February 2000. Churchill family charge academics.

Excellent UK Reviews of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC.

How safe are the contents of Chartwell? (they are on loan from the family).

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