Some key dates in the history of The Royal Military Academy
and its predecessors

  • 1722 Gentlemen cadets appointed to the marching companies of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

  • 1741 Royal Military Academy founded at Woolwich for gentlemen cadets of the ordnance corps (artillery and engineers)

  • 1799 Royal Military College established at High Wycombe as a school for future staff officers

  • 1802 Royal Military College, Junior Division, opened at Marlow, for gentlemen cadets intending to join the cavalry or infantry.

  • 1809 East India Company's Military Seminary founded at Addiscombe, Croydon.

  • 1812 Royal Military College moved to Sandhurst.

  • 1815 Battle of Waterloo, End of Napoleonic Wars.

  • 1854 -1856 Crimean War.

  • 1857-1859 Indian Mutiny.

  • 1861 East India Company abolished. Addiscombe closed. Indian artillery and engineers disbanded, and training of future Indian Army officers transferred to Sandhurst.

  • 1862 RMC Senior Division, renamed the Staff College in 1858 moved to its present site just inside the Camberley entrance to the Sandhurst grounds).

  • 1870 End of the system of purchasing commissions. (RMC closed as a college of gentlemen cadets).

  • 1872 RMC re opened as a college for sub lieutenants and gentlemen students.

  • 1877 RMC re-organised as a college for gentlemen cadets.

  • 1879 New chapel built at RMC. 1899-1902 South African War.

  • 1911 New Building handed over at RMC. 1914-1918 Ist World War.

  • 1918 - 1937 Royal Memorial Chapel rebuilt.

  • 1939 2nd World War. RMA and RMC closed. Senior gentlemen cadets commissioned. Junior gentlemen cadets sworn in as Territorial soldiers and re-appointed as officer cadets. Sandhurst used by Royal Armoured Corps and Infantry Officer Cadet Training Units.

  • 1947 RMA and RMC succeeded by Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, an academy for officer cadets of all arms of the Regular Army. Mons Officer Cadet Training Unit (Aldershot) and Eaton Hall Officer Cadet Training Unit (near Chester) re-organised as OCTUs for short service and national service officer cadets of the technical and non-technical arms respectively.

  • 1960 Mons OCTU and Eaton Hall OCTU combined to form Mons Officer Cadet School, for non-regular officer cadets of all arms.

  • 1970 East Building, known as Victory College, Churchill Hall, and new Academy HQ handed over at RMAS.

  • 1972 Mons OCS closed, and its responsibilities transferred to Sandhurst RMAS re-organised as an academy for student officers and officer cadets, including regulars, short servicemen. and Territorials.

  • 1984 WRAC College at Bagshot closed transferring to Sandhurst responsibility for training women student officers and officer cadets.





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