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The Churchill Society

Let the children have their night of fun and laughter,
let the gifts of Father Christmas delight their play.
Let us grown-ups share to the full in their unstinted pleasures
before we turn again to the stern task and the formidable years that lie before us,
resolved that, by our sacrifice and daring,
these same children shall not be robbed of their inheritance
or denied their right to live in a free and decent world".

"and so, in God's mercy, a happy Christmas to you all."

Winston Churchill.



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The views expressed in our Christmas Lectures are those of the lecturer.

They are not vetted by the society and cannot therefore be assumed to be endorsed by the society.

The Late Rt Hon Enoch Powell.M.B.E. The 1995 Christmas Lecture by the late The Rt Hon Enoch Powell's

1989 Speech which led to the formation of the Society.

"Churchill who saw in the 1930s when others were blind . . the true nature and inevitable outcome of a resurgent German Empire . ."

Norman Harvey Rutherlyn. Composer. The 1996 Christmas Lecture
The Battle for REAL Music.
By the Founder of The Churchill Society and the composer of THE CHURCHILL MUSIC Norman Harvey Rutherlyn.

"What relevance does a Music Department have to the Society?....................."
"............. 'music' is remorselessly played, down telephones, in lifts, airports and departmental stores, in the dentist's surgery, and often mindlessly drenched over every item on TV. It is all pervasive, inescapable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; so much so that we no longer listen we just 'hear' it subconsciously....."
"....................are we - by doing this - putting at risk the inborn musicality of our children by subjecting them from  before  birth (for it has been proved that a foetus can listen to the outside world) and then; as they begin to grow - all day long to today's mass music cacophony? Is it not strange how good parents unthinkingly permit the publicists and merchants to degrade their children's inborn, superb aural selectivity?....................."

The Late Oliver Smedley FCA. The 1997 Christmas Lecture by the late Oliver Smedley FCA.
The Battle for our National Sovereignty.
"The sovereign ruler of Britain is the British electorate because, through nearly a thousand years of ceaseless struggle, they have succeeded in winning for themselves the right to elect, or reject, their own government.
Finally to throw away this priceless, hard-won and stubbornly defended privilege would rightly be considered by future inhabitants of these islands one of the most incredibly craven acts ever perpetrated by the elected representatives of any sovereign people in the history of the world". . . . . . . . .

John Lidstone The 1998 Christmas Lecture by Mr John B.J.Lidstone.
"When the Order of the British Empire was founded by George V in 1917, Lloyd George is said to have asked Gregory what he could ask for an OBE, Gregory's reply was "about £100 a time".
Between 1917 and 1922 when Lloyd George resigned, 25,000 people had received the OBE. A nice little earner. Lloyd George is estimated to have amassed in his private bank account over £1.5 million pounds from the sales of honours. (Value £190 million today)." . . . . . . . . .

The composer James Stevens The 1999 Christmas Lecture.

'Musical Prayers'

by the composer James Stevens (Head of the Society's Music Department).

. . . . . the use of the word 'classical;, so beloved of our commentators to indicate contemporary concert music, is yet another pollution of the English language. 'Classical' went out with the death of Beethoven in 1827. The critic Robert Cowan always puts the word in quotes.

This lecture is concerned with contemporary music, both serious concert music and 'pop', the latter being the contemporary equivalent of those miniature masterpieces by Rodgers, Gershwin, Porter, Arlen and the rest, generally known as 'standards'.

Today's so-called pop music is an absolute desecration of the art. One could almost say it went out of the window after the Beatles. Some of their numbers, both from the musical and the lyric point of view, are highly commendable - _________________________________________________________ __________

Chairman TimmsThe AD 2000 Christmas Lecture

'The Death of Magic'
by the Chairman of the Society Mrs Pamela Timms.

. . . . . . The greatest wrong done to children by our present-day society is the near abolition of childhood by the substitution of technological gimmicks for imagination. Magic has been taken away from them.
Magic is every child's right - and not only at Christmas.

_________________________________________________ ___________________

Mr Rudy Carmanety The AD 2001 Christmas Lecture.

By Mr Rudy Carmanety of New York.(Committee Member). 

Preserving British Culture:  

An American's Perspective.

What unites the United Kingdom and the United States is our joint Anglo-American heritage. It is this very heritage, the basis of our special relationship, which is placed in jeopardy if British sovereignty is compromised by Europe. A British government which does not, or cannot play its proper role in the special relationship, would be a loss not only for the United States but for what Churchill once termed "the cause of freedom".


Susan Edwards. The AD 2002 Christmas Lecture.


By Professor Susan S.M.Edwards BA.,MA.,Ph.D.,LLM.

Associate Dean, Buckingham Law School,
University of Buckingham.


..........the battle against pornography through argument, reason and to ensure that women have an equal role with men in interpreting political premises such as 'freedom of speech; will go on so long as there remain those of us incandescent with outrage that gratuitous sex and violence continuues to thrive under the pretence of free speech. We must confront the apathy and stop this perversion of liberty.

(Please click on the LINK - The Secretary - to obtain your free copy via e mail).


Ian Bruton-SimmondsThe AD 2003 Christmas Lecture

Ian Bruton-Simmonds
The Queen's English Society.
The title of his lecture is:-

A Criticism of Modern Linguistics
with Suggestions for Improvement of English
through the BBC.


Frank Field MP The AD 2004 Christmas Lecture.

Is to be paged on December 25th 2004 and is by

The Rt Hon Frank Field MP.

and is entitled

Neighbours from Hell
The new politics of behavior.

'A study of the causes of the rise and rise of anti-social behaviour'






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