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 The way ahead is a broad and clear one.

Winston Churchill
October 31, 1959.


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Dalton Newfield writes in an article published in the USA re the sordid history (and inevitable failure) of the Churchill family's promotion of the fantastically expensive The Collected Works in 1974.

"I am more than a little surprised that the Churchill family gave their support to this money-grubbing project". "It would be wonderful to own such a work". "It would be wonderful if my - or even any US library - could own the set, let alone risk using it".

"It would be wonderful if greed were not always the family's motive".

"WSC was not unconscious of money - quite the contrary - but he did put out abridgements, cheap editions, etc., so that people at all levels could enjoy his works".

"What pains most is that the idea was all so un Churchillian", Mr Newfield concluded.

The High Court (London) proceedings. Who owned the Chartwell Papers?

At risk?
Churchill's Medals.

Churchill's daughter
Mary Soames,

Churchill's grandson Nicholas Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Winston Churchill minor.


Conservative party sleaze fuels the collapse of moral standards in the UK - from 1983 onwards it gathered pace and led to a national uproar with the story of the Churchill family threatening to sell at auction Sir Winston's and Lady Churchill's gift to Churchill College of The Chartwell Papers.

The Churchill family to repay the Lottery money.

The history of the first 1995 performance by Radio Prague and Czeske TV of The Churchill Music by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.


The 1996 Christmas Lecture The Battle for REAL Music by the composer of The Churchill Music, Norman Harvey Rutherlyn.

IBM Churchill Society Web Site Commendation.

Churchill's Grandson. Nicholas Soames.



The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Criticisms of the Trust's Awards system.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust's failure to honour the original Trust Deed and the need for reform.

The History of The Churchill Society.

Churchill's daughter
Mary Soames,

Churchill's grandson Nicholas Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Winston Churchill minor.

The 1997 Christmas Lecture The Nature of Sovereignty by the late Oliver Smedley FCA.



A Rebuke to the Churchill family.

The Churchill family to pay back The Lottery Money.

The Reform of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Sir Winston's Grave at Bladon. The restoration of Churchill's grave is unworthy and should be done again, this time by the War Graves Commission - many photographs.

The Society appeals to Her Majesty The Queen. Correspondence re Churchill House London.

The Future of the United Kingdom by the Founder of The Churchill Society.

The 1998 Christmas Lecture The Reform of the Honours System by J.B.Lidstone.

A Churchill Birthday Concert and Why The Churchill Society concerns itself with music.

The Society gives evidence to a Select Committee of the House of Commons.

James StevensThe 1998 Christmas Lecture 'Musical Prayers' by the composer James Stevens (Head of the Society's Music Department).

Past Christmas Lectures



Copy correspondence.

Demand for an investigation into the purchase of The Chartwell Papers by the National Lottery Commission

Correspondence with The National Trust. The whereabouts of the gifts presented to Churchill by Foreign Governments and Heads of States which were formerly displayed at Chartwell? Also, in the light of recent Churchill family heirloom selling at auctions, how safe now are all the contents of Chartwell? (including the extraordinary story of how Chartwell was bought by Churchill's friends for the nation, but how the contents are (alarmingly) only on loan to the National Trust).

The Chairman of THE CHURCHILL SOCIETY  London.  Mrs Pamela Timms.Newsletter. From The Chairman. 18th May 1999.

Also published during 1999.

'Conservative Party sleaze added to the continuing collapse of moral standards in the UK. From 1983 onwards it gathered pace and led to the national uproar caused by the the story of the Churchill family threatening to sell Sir Winston and Lady Churchill's gift to Churchill College of The Chartwell Papers.
Lord Rothschild's

The sad press chronology of Winston S Churchill Jnr.

Churchill's daughter
Mary Soames,

Churchill's grandson Nicholas Soames,

Churchill's grandson
Winston Churchill minor.

Professor Charmley writes: Is there no end to the making of money by the family our of Sir Winston?

Commercial advertising. Cashing in on Churchill. Who authorised this crude example?

Criticisms of the book 'Churchill's Private Letters' selected, edited, and published by his daughter Mary Soames.

The Reform of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

May 1999. Important information for Americans.

The vulgar West End 'musical' promoted by Churchill's 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          children with the 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                help of  friends 

The story of the Churchill family and their friends promotion (in 1988) of the West End Musical with 'Winnie' singing in his bath! After three performances it was taken off. It was reputed to have lost £3 million pounds and was described by a Buckingham Palace courtier as "just done for money, money, money . . . . vulgar vulgar vulgar!"

Mary Soames,
Nicholas Soames,
Winston Churchill minor.


December 1st 1999. Important Correspondence with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust re a joint venture during the forthcoming millennium year to honour Churchill and his Comrades in Arms.

Further to the above correspondence.

The Reform of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.


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Mr Enoch PowellThe late Rt Hon J. Enoch Powell's (Audio) speech to the Society. Text of the Speech.
to the late Rt Hon Enoch Powell.MBE. Why he was the greatest British statesman since Churchill.

Chairman TimmsThe AD 1999 Christmas Lecture 'The Death of Magic' by the Chairman of the Society Mrs Pamela Timms.

Past Christmas Lectures



February 13 2000

The Sunday Times Newspaper
A copyright article.
Lottery-funded Churchills' charge academics £50 a letter.

January 18th 2000.

It is sad to read the many criticisms of the contents of The Dome after such a vast expenditure of money and effort. As long ago as February 1998 the Committee of The Churchill Society feared that this might be the result after Ms Page of The New Millennium Experience Co Ltd refused to consider having the society's exhibition stand installed there in honour of Churchill and his Comrades-in-Arms.

In the event - the Society's comprehensive 231 page web site has attracted from all over the world more visitors since its opening than are likely to ever visit The Dome.


July 15th 2000.

It is immensely sad to observe what a disaster The Dome has been.

The effects of this staggering and shaming failure, heightens the overwhelming sense of loss that many older people in England share today. It will cast its shadow over the next generation, and history will conclude that it mirrored accurately our generation's loss of national identity, purpose; our former morality, good artistic taste, self confidence and national self respect.

The trigger to this catastrophe was pulled when the Prime Minister of the Conservative government (John Major) ordered the independent (!) Lottery Commission to give in to the Churchill family blackmail and pay out the very first Lottery Prize to them of £12,500,000. (they had threatened to sell Churchill's war time papers by auction).

By that infamous deed, the children of the nation's most illustrious hero, signalled to young people that  'money comes before morality'  and that the Lottery Commission was an easy touch. The Dome was funded from Lottery Funds.

A Public Enquiry should now take place into both of these scandals.


Dishonesty at Chartwell?
How safe are the contents
of Chartwell?
Correspondence with
The National Trust.





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